CROSSING – Creative Web App for the film[2019]

过春天 The Crossing” is an awards-winning movie, directed by Bai Xue.
The film has a poster created by an artist Lu Zhengyuan.
We built a creative Web App for the poster and film.

“The Crossing” (painting) hopes to express the resonance of the film by creating a sense of time and space overlap and an imminent shift in behavior. First draw the running Peipei, the color picture, the speed of the strokes to build a fuzzy youth impression. In transparent acrylic landscapes, black and white tones, rough brushstrokes bring chaos and realism to the world. Finally, the black and white paint is scraped from the transparent acrylic to reveal the Peipei behind the scene, awakening the desire to hide in reality, which is the soul of the whole movie.

(by artist Lu)

The poster painting process.
Video and gif made by “The Crossing” film group.

Web App screenshot:

Web App prototype and visual design, UI.
Modao, Sketch, Photoshop.

Web development.
React, canvas, Wechat JSSDK.