Author: Contra

  • Generatived video with AI (StyleGAN2) and Unreal Engine Niagara

    Generated video from StyleGAN2, then mapped the video texture to Niagara Mesh Particle in Unreal Engine (4.27) YouTube: Bilibili:   ref: StyleGAN2-ADA: FluidNinja LIVE:

  • Generative art video with AI (StyleGAN2)

    Video generated from StyleGAN2, then add shader FX (Fragment:Flow based on MaxMSP Jitter).   YouTube: Bilibili:   ref:  

  • Generative video with StyleGAN and Unreal engine, another

    Original video generated from StyleGAN2, then add FX in unreal engine. YouTube:

  • OSC – from mobile phone to Unreal

    Voice/speech recognition by my OSC controller-BugOSC, and visualized in unreal engine/UE4, all realtime.   OSC controller: BugOSC, an OSC controller I developed based of Wechat mini program (微信小程序). You should install Wechat App firstly and then search “BugOSC” in it. “BugOSC” is NOT a native App, but more like a Webapp. It has to be…

  • How to add Shadertoy effect to Spark AR



    This article introduces how to add the effects on Shadertoy into Spark AR Studio. It has been several years since Spark AR Studio was launched, and its functions are relatively mature. Its UI as shown above, with a familiar three-dimensional scene editor, and a node-visual-programming patch editor. This kind of AR special effects software is…

  • A green scanner effect with depth texture



    I made a green scanner effect. Steps: Prepare a handsome photo. Calculate the depth value of the scene in the photo through machine learning, and get a depth texture. Write shader code to implement green scan line effect. Calculate photo scene depth Why do we need to calculate the scene depth of the photo? Because…

  • Audio visual + AI generated face

    Audio visual + AI generated face. Visual by Contra(me), Audio by dogone. The original face animation generated using Baidu PaddleGan. Then added some shader effect triggered by the bgm in realtime.

  • a Web+AR+AI Christmas Tree example



    Last year today, I made a Christmas tree using Bender and Python: This time I tested a workflow: Export the model (Mesh) generated by the Sverchok plug-in or Python script from Blender, and then import it into the web page for rendering. By the way, the web version of machine learning face recognition is added,…

  • An effect of reflection in water – [Patch a Dirty 011]

    An effect of reflection in water, made with MaxMSP Jitter. [] for reflection; A simple shader [] to add noise to the reflection to simulate the water ripples on the water surface. Source patch: Acturaly it is from an old project(2018) of mine, which is an interactive wall. Vision, sound effects (except water sound), interactive…

  • Audio Visual interaction based on AI paintings

    Just tried adding some audio-visual effect onto an portrait painting generated by AI. The full video: The original painting generated by AI, a model using StyleGAN2. The visual effect created mostly from shader.And I used the handy and cool software “Fragment:Flow” based on MaxMSP/Jitter. BGM: “Green Lake Remix 006”, by dogone – my old friend…