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  • Transmitting OSC data via WebSocket

    Sometimes I meet situations where I need OSC but cannot use UDP.  Such as sending OSC message from browser-based p5js to Processing / MaxMSP / Unity.And I’m developing a OSC controller called BugOSC. It is a WeChat Mini Program, which also does not support UDP. However, although the web guys usually don’t support UDP, they support WebSocket…

  • p5.we – develop WeChat Mini Game using p5.js

    p5.js is a wonderful JavaScript library that starts with the original goal of the also wonderful Processing. p5.we is a boilerplate to develop Wechat Mini Game (微信小游戏) using p5.js. What is WeChat: WeChat is more than a messaging and social media app – it is a lifestyle for one billion users across the world. What…

  • Du Fu is busy 杜甫很忙

    “Du Fu is busy 杜甫很忙“, one of my processing demo.Text data from a Chinese twitter-like sns: Weibo. “杜甫很忙” was a very hot keyword/tag then. Got the posts data with tag “杜甫很忙” from Weibo, then visualized them, and reacted with background music. (bgm: DJ Krush – Beyond Raging Waves.) Contra:Visual Design, Data visualization development.Processing, Weibo data API.

  • processing sound-reactive

    Extend the “3D Jellyfish” (by VJ Fader) in openprocessing.org. I added some sound reactive、spectrum and shining effects. All in processing, include the classic “Blue” XD music: DJ krush “BLUE FANTASY DJ KRUSH REMIX” github: https://github.com/avantcontra/jellyfish_sound_reactive Contra:Audio visual, generative animation.Processing.

  • everything flashy 1: p5 color bright demo

    Original flash(swf) lost. (20181204) processing 1.1 版自带example中关于color的例子。路径如下图。(不会贴processing 囧) processing对常用功能的封装还是不错的,这个demo基本只要设置好各种参数即可(颜色值、宽高等)。 相对来说flash略有些麻烦。 首先,要自己写一些颜色模式转换的方法。RGB -> HSB / HSB->RGB(RGB与HSB颜色模式切换),RGB->hex(即将R255、G255、B255转换为十进制的值:0xffffff) 而这些在processing中直接设置colorMode即可。 其次,processing直接在draw()方法中进行绘制即可。在flash里,要手动监听每帧刷新的事件,写一个方法 OnEnterFrame,功能基本同draw。本例子中略有区别,监听的是鼠标移动事件。 要是所有project都这么简洁该多好~

  • 佳娃

    首先,标题党。 本来对使用java一直有些不情愿,也没什么具体原因,可能还是出自对陌生领域的畏缩吧。不过看完这个字符的demo,倒是大大促进了我对她的兴趣,当然也有些历史原因。 嗯,不过其实还是可以用as来重写的嘛^^ 而且,无论如何还有c++这个繁琐却基本万能的退路,嗯嗯 图中的ggy65n2sg是一颗红双喜,8块价位的上选烟啊啊啊啊