AI as a way of expressing emotions

These days I’m learning machine learning and trying generating visual things based on StyleGAN, a neural network.

AILog005, was first sent to my wife, she said: “OK, more suppressed.”

“World is ahead” AILog.005

Great! This is the feeling I’m looking for. Not only do I specifically mean “suppression”, but I finally have a way of expressing myself, and it is “obscure”.

“Home is behind” AILog.004

“You know nothing” AILog.003

As a programmer , when I want to express emotions,

  • Draw a picture, I can’t draw.
  • Write a song, I can’t write a song.
  • Write in the code, the mood is greater when debugging.
  • If I write a text in social networks, I can’t help thinking, “Isn’t anyone thinking of me as a silly X?” (Yes).
  • Post in programming group, “ “
  • Post in the classmates, “Bro you did not drink enough, I will bring another glass!”
  • To parents, “What do you mean? Was the baby awake, did the baby cry?”
  • Send to my wife, “Oh. Was the baby awake, did the baby cry?”
  • Send it directly to my boy, he will not speak, just open a favorite book of his own:
“How to become a great programmer”

The characters means “How to become a great programmer”.


Well, using AI or programs to generate images and sounds, the model is trained myself, the parameters are adjusted by myself, and the program is written by myself.

I can’t say whether it belongs to creating art.

But as a way of expressing emotions it is quite smooth.

“Not today” AILog.002

The creating experience is also very interesting.

The generative art that I did before belongs to “explicit programming”, that is, to tell the computer what to do at every step and every moment through explicit programming, and the programming is directly responsible for the final generation effect.

The use of machine learning to create is an indirect process.
The written program logic is no longer for the final effect, but to train or develop an “AI” model, and finally the AI ​​itself generates the results.

This result may be under control or unexpected.

“I don’t know why” AILog.001

This kind of feeling reminds me of the sense of “random luck” when I first started learning the program to generate visual effects many years ago, or “noise”, “disordered”, “out of control” , “unknown”.

I’m not to say the “out of control” is cool cause I’m a hard core coder with logic ;p

I just feel good as a creator to express my mood.

Keep Learning with Machine Learning!


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