BugOSC, an OSC controller based on WeChat Mini Program

OSC is a commonly used data protocol when transferring data between software and devices. The most common usage scenario is to install an OSC sending software on the mobile phone, install a receiving module on the computer, and then start your performance with hands:

Control the projection with a handheld device and a headset
Master Ye Debugging large screen human-computer interaction effects with mobile phone
Control small robots with Keyboard

OSC is also often used for gesture control

In the past, when using OSC on a mobile phone, you must install an app (such as TouchOSC).

And if you are using WeChat now, BugOSC is an OSC controller based on WeChat Mini Program that sends standard OSC data to devices on the LAN.


Get BugOSC (Use WeChat to scan the qrcode follows):


More features will be added one after another.

Regarding WeChat Mini Program and OSC, I once wrote an article Transmitting OSC Data Via WebSocket, mainly explaining how to transfer OSC data based on the WebSocket protocol.

WebSocket and UDP are two kinds of network transmission protocols. The UDP protocol is usually used to transmit OSC data, such as the common App TouchOSC and Processing library oscP5.

The WeChat Mini Program only supports WebSocket before the first half of this year, so the BugOSC 0.1 version is based on WebSocket.
This version requires the receiving end to also use WebSocket, so I also developed Processing, P5js, MaxMSP, Unity3D and other versions of the receiving module, the introduction and source code of these modules can be seen Transmitting OSC Data Via WebSocket.

WeChat Mini Program officially added support for UDP since May 2019. So BugOSC v0.2, the transport protocol has been changed from WebSocket to UDP, and the current version is “the most common OSC”.
The receiving part no longer needs to be customized. The major music/VJ/performance software and development platform usually comes with it, or it exists in the form of a plug-in.


Talk is cheap. Show me the code!

The WebSocket OSC receiving module (Processing, P5js, MaxMSP, Unity3D, etc.) corresponding to BugOSC version 0.1 is open sourced here:

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